Country Bulgaria 保加利亚
Year 2020
Measures 160 X 160 CM
Technique Oil On Canvas
Artist Kiril Jeliazkov基里尔·耶利亚兹科夫


他的巨大系列作品(每幅尺寸为6m x 3m)“橙色台阶”高耸而喜庆,既模仿了建筑又模仿了自然。它是用来行走或走动的,可以从远处或近处观察到。当然,这些都是绘画,但户外组合是最有效的克里斯托风格环境艺术。他们重新设计了现有的景观,以便再次看到它。




A famous Bulgarian artist whose abstract concept of expressionist figurative painting is very attractive. Most of them are full-body composition, using bold colors, the picture is full of vitality, and using some softer colors and softer touch.

His huge series of works (each measuring 6m x 3m) "orange steps" are towering and festive, imitating both architecture and nature. It is made to walk or walk around, and can be observed from a distance or close. Of course, these are paintings, but outdoor combination is the most effective Christo style environmental art. They redesigned the existing landscape so that they could see it again.

Lovely, elegant feeling of freedom. The lady on the bike coming towards the viewer fearlessly moving forward. Masterful selection and usage of the colors with multilayered brushstrokes and textures. Gorgeous painting with unique complexity. The depth of the painting is enhanced with the multilayered shapes that overlapping each other.

Mixed media technique.