一、The museum will be open to the public from December 2023.

二、Opening hours: Daily 9:30-18:00 (last admission at 16:30).

三、In order to ensure the safety of the exhibits and maintain a good visiting environment, the museum will implement limited and orderly control of the number of visitors, and the number of visitors per day will be controlled below 5,000.

四、In order to maintain a good visiting order, visitors line up to enter the museum in turn (in special cases, they must present their valid documents to collect tickets).

Seniors over 70 years old and disabled people can enter first.

Group visits can be booked three days in advance by phone, and admission is given priority after approval by staff on the day of visit. Reservation (9:30-16:30).

五、Special events held by the museum will be subject to a ticket-selling system as appropriate.

六、The rental of audio guide equipment will be free of charge on a case-by-case basis.

七、In order to ensure the safety of the exhibits and create a civilized environment, the museum will require the audience to consciously abide by the following regulations:

1、Those who are disheveled will not be allowed to enter the museum;

2、Those who promote all kinds of small commodities and distribute advertisements are refused admission;

3、Pets are not allowed to enter the museum;

4、Consciously abide by the rules of the visit and follow the arrangements of the staff;

5、In exhibition halls or areas with prohibition signs, photography and videography are prohibited;

6、Please do not bring food or drinks into the venue;

7、Do not touch the exhibits and related exhibition equipment;

8、Please do not make noise, play, chase, make trouble in the exhibition hall, and affect the visit of others;

9、Mentally ill people are not allowed to enter (those with mild illnesses must be accompanied by a guardian);

10、Large bags, bags, etc. carried by the audience can be stored for free (valuables are kept by themselves);

11、Children, disabled people or elderly people with reduced mobility can use strollers and wheelchairs provided by the museum free of charge;

12、Smoking or the use of open flames is strictly prohibited in the building of the museum.

八、In the event of major events or maintenance of important equipment and facilities, the museum may be temporarily closed as needed, and the public will be notified in advance.

九、Art Museum Address: Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone, Hangsheng Road

For inquiries, please call (9:30-16:30 daily).


 October 2023

1. Alcoholics and incapacitated or limited persons who are not accompanied by a guardian will not be allowed to enter the museum;

2. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive, controlled equipment and other dangerous goods into the museum;

3. Do not refer to liquid beverages in the exhibition hall;

4. Do not take videos in the exhibition hall, and do not use flash and tripods when taking photos;

5. Care for and use public facilities correctly, do not touch exhibits;

6. Consciously maintain environmental hygiene, do not discard debris, do not smoke in the museum;

7. Consciously abide by the order of visiting, do not make loud noises, chase and make trouble;

8. In case of various emergencies, please obey the command of the staff.

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