Zhong Yi Culture focus on International cultural exchange events.


is also the connector of collectors,

galleries, and artists focus on China market.


Support galleries as they champion the careers of artists

Strengthen the local art market

Inspire art lovers from around the world


To further spread the joy of owning art, from the emerging to the iconic.

By selling original art online,we not only nurture the careers of artists and galleries,

but also give art enthusiasts and collectors alike the opportunity to explore new artistic horizons,

to be moved and transported by the works of talented artists, and to be part of our global art community.


Our team is comprised of experts with a diverse range of experiences in the art world, from sales and marketing to event production. Passionate about connecting galleries and artists with art lovers and collectors who love their work, we work tirelessly to present carefully curated collections of the best original fine art and design both in person at our fairs and online. We believe that great art makes you think, feel, and see in new and interesting ways. It’s one of the most rewarding parts about creating and collecting the art you love—and the reason most of us got into it in the first place.